Fannin Bank is proud to partner with Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and Android Pay to bring you a simple and more secure way to check out when shopping, dining out or enjoying the latest entertainment. Using your latest generation mobile device including phones, tablets and smart watches you can register your Fannin Bank debit card with the respective app on your device.

  • Apple Devices use the Wallet
  • Samsung Devices use Samsung Pay
  • All other Android Devices use Android Pay

What makes Digital Payments more secure?

When you launch the app on your mobile device you will take a picture of your Fannin Bank debit card. Your card is then converted into a digital token and stored using the latest encryption on a chip already installed on your mobile device. This token will generate transaction tokens for each purchase you make. These transaction tokens are only good for that transaction and can never be used again. The merchant never sees your card number and therefore your card number is safe from card breaches.

Simple to use

A fact of modern life is that we practically live with our mobile devices. We don’t leave home without at least one of them. When checking out instead of grabbing your wallet, reach for your phone. Unlock the app with your finger print or secret pin and tap the phone to complete the transaction. You will have peace of mind that the transaction is secure plus a copy of the transaction will appear on your device. You can also look at your last twenty transactions right from the app.